DC Wiring

Class details:

Available Sessions* Location Instructor
Thursday, January 9, 4:45 pm Mainsail Room Dan Bochnovic
Friday, January 10, 4:45 pm Mainsail Room Dan Bochnovic

Class description:

Dan will go over basic DC wiring concepts and marine wiring architecture. Learn how your boat is wired and how to correctly make repairs and additions to your boat’s wiring.  Practical considerations and the mastery of proper techniques will be stressed. 

About Dan Bochnovic

Dan is a 30 year veteran of the Marine Industry. He is currently the General Manager at Crowley’s Yacht Yard. His marine skills run the gamut from ABYC certified Electrical Technician to Crane Operator. He has acquired a wealth of knowledge that only 30 years of experience and an inquisitive mind can accumulate.