Employment Opportunities in Chicago's Marine Industry

Class details:

Available Sessions* Location Instructor
Friday, January 10, 2:15 pm Mainsail Room Grant Crowley
Saturday, January 11, 2:15 pm Mainsail Room Grant Crowley

Class description:

The marine industry is a major employer in the Chicago region. Tour boats, tug boats, boat yards, yacht clubs, marinas and sailmakers are just a few of the employers who provide thousands of jobs in Chicagoland. If you think you would like to explore a career in a field that you are passionate about, or if you just want a side hustle doing something you love, this is the seminar for you.  The panel will discuss employment opportunities and provide an opportunity to network with some of the people who sign the paychecks in this industry.



About Grant Crowley

The founder and namesake of Crowley’s Yacht Yard, Grant is an industry leader with a career that started when he was 12 washing boats in Belmont harbor. After graduating from University of Michigan with a degree in Naval Architecture he worked as a sail maker at Murphy and Nye. He went on to found Crowley’s.