Making Your Boat a Better/Simpler Day Sailor/Cruising Boat

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Available Sessions* Location Instructor
Friday, January 10, 6:00 pm Spinnaker Room Rich Stearns

Class description:

There  are many new  and old ideas and equipment that makes it easier to sail and enjoy your boat. If you have a new or old boat you might be able to make sailing easier. 

About Rich Stearns

Rich Stearns the owner has been racing sailboats since 1962 when he started sailing a Penguin dinghy and Sunfish. Since then he has raced and cruised all over the world. Rich was a Sailmaker for 25 years owning the Murphy & Nye Hood, Sobstad and Doyle franchises in Chicago. Along with racing he has cruised both monohulls and catamarans throughout the Caribbean.

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