Rigging Inspection and Care

Class details:

Available Sessions* Location Instructor
Thursday, January 9, 3:30 pm Mainsail Room Dave Ramer
Friday, January 10, 3:30 pm Mainsail Room Dave Ramer
Saturday, January 11, 3:30 pm Mainsail Room Dave Ramer

Class description:

Crowley’s head rigger, Dave Ramer, will show attendees how to maintain their rigs. Dave has boxes of samples and a great presentation that illustrates the importance of proper rig maintenance. For many, rig maintenance is a dark art that can only be practiced by experienced practitioners. Dave will demystify the process and leave you with the knowledge necessary to maintain your own rig.   

About Dave Ramer

Dave heads up the rigging department at Crowley’s Yacht Yard. He has extensive experience as a rigger and is especially skilled at traditional rigging.

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