Rope Technology And Splicing

Class details:

Available Sessions* Location Instructor
Thursday, January 9, 6:00 pm Mainsail Room Dave Ramer
Friday, January 10, 6:00 pm Mainsail Room Dave Ramer
Saturday, January 11, 6:00 pm Mainsail Room Dave Ramer
Sunday, January 12, 3:30 pm Mainsail Room Dave Ramer

Class description:

Expert rigger Dave Ramer will explain rope technology, terminology and demonstrate the relative advantages and disadvantages of various rope fibers for different applications. Dave will use “The Dustructunator”, a hydraulic rope testing machine that can exert over 20,000 lbs of pressure, to show attendees how fiber content and structure influence characteristics like breaking strength, stretch and creep.  Participants will also participate in a hands on session where they make their very own three strand splice and get to walk away with a sample of their handiwork.

About Dave Ramer

Dave heads up the rigging department at Crowley’s Yacht Yard. He has extensive experience as a rigger and is especially skilled at traditional rigging.

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