Weather Apps

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Friday, January 10, 4:45 pm Spinnaker Room Mark Thornton

Class description:

There are plenty of apps devoted to marine weather observations and forecasting. Apps are a convenient and popular way to access wind and wave forecasts, marine observations, and Doppler Weather Radar data. A few apps can also help you determine the most favorable route to your destination. However not all apps are created equal. Several popular weather-related apps such as Squid Sailing, Predict Wind, Sail Flow, Windy, GRLevel 3, and Radarscope will be introduced. We’ll examine the underlying data sources and discuss the positives and negatives associated with relying on apps for your sailing forecasts.

About Mark Thornton

Mark Thornton began sailing on Lake Erie in 1994 and he currently owns Osprey, a 1985 C&C 35. His interest in weather forecasting grew from his experiences cruising and racing on the lake. Mark is a 2006 graduate of the Penn State University Certificate of Achievement in Weather Forecasting, a two-year program that develops skills in general, tropical and severe weather forecasting. 

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