Thank you for attending this year's show - See you January 11-15, 2017!

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Strictly Sail Advanced Seminar Series

Strictly Sail advanced sailing seminars are presented by some of the best sailing authorities in the world.

Registration is required for advanced seminars. Please click here to register.

Friday, January 15

"Not the Skipper" Essential Skills —presented by Sheila McCurdy

9am–1pm  Room S106a  Fee: $75 —Includes same-day admission to the show

Are you not the skipper, but spend time on boats-often as the only crew? Have you been concerned how you would help if something went wrong, or if you had to handle an emergency? The essentials are easy to master and will help build confidence and enjoyment aboard your boat. This course will cover the basics of controlling a boat at slow speeds, using safety equipment, determining the boat's location, and getting outside help.

Great Lakes Basic Marine Weather Seminar —presented by Mark Thornton

9am–1pm  Room S106b  Fee: $75 —Includes same-day admission to the show

The Great Lakes Basic Marine Weather Seminar is designed to provide Great Lakes boaters with an understanding of basic marine meteorology. Over the course of the day, attendees will learn about the forces controlling the wind, the formation and movement of low pressure systems, wave forecasting, and how to identify the conditions favoring the development of severe weather. Attendees will develop a Great Lakes basic forecasting resource kit based upon publicly available government and university websites.

Click here for a complete outline of the seminar

Saturday, January 16

Great Lakes Wind Forecasting: A Workshop for Sailors —presented by Mark Thornton

9:00am–5:00pm  Room S106b  Fee: $125 —Includes 2-day admission to the show

Great Lakes Wind Forecasting: A Workshop for Sailors is designed to improve the wind forecasting skills of sailors of all experience levels and interests. Accurately forecasting the wind promotes safer, more enjoyable outings and improves performance on the race course.  Whether you are a day sailor, beer can racer, long distance cruiser, or serious competitor, the skills learned in the Workshop will enhance your understanding of the wind and improve your sailing experience. 

Click here for a complete outline of the workshop.

Coastal Safety at Sea —presented by Brian Adams

9am–1pm  Room S106a  Fee: $75 —Includes same-day admission to the show

US Sailing’s 4-hour Near Coastal Safety at Sea Course is designed specifically for near-shore boaters, sailors, and cruisers and their boats. Did you know that 95% of boating accidents happen less than three miles from shore?  This four-hour seminar is designed specifically for Great Lakes sailors and power boaters. This could be the most important day of your boating life! Topics include: Heavy Weather Boating, Crew Overboard Prevention and Recovery, Sailor’s Health, How Boats Get into Trouble, Emergency Signaling and Management and Seamanship. 

Sunday, January 17

Thunderstorms: What you Need to Know —presented by Jim Johnson

9am–1pm   Room S106b  Fee: $75 —Includes same-day admission to the show

Discover the hidden workings of a thunderstorm — how it forms, grows and dies. Emphasis placed on visual on hazard recognition from your vessel, storm judgement and decision making.

Registration is required for advanced seminars. Please click here and scroll down to seminars to register.



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NEW! Boating Skills Virtual Trainer—Interactive Boating Simulator

Take the helm of a virtual boat to practice basic boating maneuvers and improve your boating skills—without leaving dry land. The United States Power Squadrons®' new Boating Skills Virtual Trainer® (BSVT) makes learning fun and easy! It features a steering wheel and a real Mercury throttle you use to “drive” a 20-ft. console boat on a lake with other powerboats, sailboats, navigation aids and a full marina.
Training options include close quarters maneuvering, docking and more. Instructors can adjust current and wind direction and velocity, and day/night settings to vary the degree of difficulty and challenge you whatever your skill level.

NEW! Corona Find Your Beach Bar & Cantina  


Put yourself in a vacation state of mind! The Corona Find Your Beach Bar & Cantina serves up an island resort ambiance along with icy cold beverages and tasty casual fare including Baha Cali fish tacos, beer battered fish & chips and specialty flatbreads. It’s the perfect place to take a break, meet up with friends and ponder your outdoor adventure options. Todd Donnelly of the Mr. Myers Band will provide musical entertainment.

Click here for more information on Todd Donnelly and the Mr. Myers Band.



Frankendread—Live Island Music

Get into an island state of mind without leaving McCormick Place as you enjoy Frenakendread's laid-back, no-worries mix of calypso, soca, and steel pan music.
Frankendread is an accomplished Caribbean performer who brings the island vibe to life with his music. His energetic performances have put smiles on faces around the world—he's performed in 17 countries and 43 state—and he'll perform live every day at this year's show!  

Author’s Corner

When: All days of the show

Stop by the Author's Corner and visit with one of your favorite story tellers and pick up the latest adventure novels. Scheduled to be in attandance include: Stop back for a list of participating authors.

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