Boats & RVs by Brand

2019 Boats by Brand List

Brand Exhibitor Name Booth/Space Number
Absolute Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales P1420, P1610
Alumacraft Alumacraft Boat Co. P1270
Apex Pontoons Fay's Marina P1050
Apreamare Everglades Boats P1600
Aqua-Patio Godfrey Marine P1400
Avalon Pontoons Fox Lake Harbor P1110
Avon Reed Yacht Sales P1550
Axis Wake Malibu Boats P1130
Back Cove Bay Marine P1490
Baja Iconic Marine Group P1754
Barletta Barletta Boat Company LLC P1478, P1482
Bayliner Bayliner Marine Corp. U.S. Marine P1170, P1378
Beneteau Beneteau P1348
Bennington Marine Bennington Marine P1430
Berkshire Forest River Marine P1020
Blackfin Monterey Boats P1220
Boston Whaler Boston Whaler, Inc. P1650
Brig Brig Inflatables P1756
Carver Marquis Yachts, LLC P1594
Centurion Boats Centurion Boats P1800
Chaparral Boats, Inc. Chaparral Boats, Inc. P1120
Chris Craft Chris Craft Corp. P1620
Coach Fay's Marina P1050
Cobalt Boats Cobalt Boats P1200
Cobia Maverick Boat Co P1242
Comitti Chicago Yacht Works P1425
Contender Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales P1610
Correct Craft Correct Craft P1520
Crest Fox Lake Harbor P1100
Crestliner Crestliner Boats P1230
Crownline Boats, Inc. Crownline Boats P1140
Cruisers Cruisers Yachts P1076, P1172
Cutwater Cutwater P1552, P1842
Cypress Cay Brunswick Leisure Boat Company, LLC P1340
Donzi Iconic Marine Group P1754
Duffy Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales P1610
Edgewater Bay Marine P1490
Everglades Everglades Boats P1600
Fairline Springbrook P1325
Formula Boats Thunderbird/Formula P1500
Fountain Iconic Marine Group P1754
Four Winns Four Winns P1174, P1176, P1370
G3 G3boats P1580
Gala Racine Riverside P1830
Glastron Boats Glastron Boats P1373
Godfrey Godfrey Marine P1400
Grady-White Grady-White P1145
Gran Turismo Beneteau P1348
Grand Inflatables Racine Riverside P1830
Greenline Greenline Yachts NA P1694
Harris Brunswick Leisure Boat Company, LLC P1475
HCB Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales P1610
Hewes Craft Lynden Sports Center P1684
Heyday Bayliner Marine Corp. U.S. Marine P1378
Highfield Offshore Marine P1850
Hobie Hobie Cat A640
Hurricaine Deck Boats Godfrey Marine P1400
JC Pontoons JC Mfg P1480
Jeanneau Jeanneau/ Prestige P1320
Jeanneau Larsen Marine P1750
Kawasaki Nielsen Enterprises, Inc. P1005
Kayot Brunswick Leisure Boat Company, LLC P1475
Key West Racine Riverside P1830
Larson Larson Boats P1530
Lekker Lekker Boats USA P1060
Lowe Lowe Boats - Brunswick Leisure P1555
Lund Boats Lund Boat Company P1300
Mako Marine Tracker Marine, LLC P1440
Malibu Boats Malibu Boats P1130
Manitou Triton Industries, Inc. P1030
Marker One Cobalt Boats P1200
Mastercraft MasterCraft Boat Company P1700
Maverick Maverick Boat Co P1242
MB Boats The Edge P1040
Melges Power Melges P1825
Misty Harbor The Marine Group P1760
Monte Carlo Beneteau P1348
Monterey Monterey Boats P1220
Moomba Skiers Choice P1525
Nautique Correct Craft P1520
Nitro Tracker Marine, LLC P1440
Novurania Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales P1610
Old Town Offshore Marine P1850
Prestige Jeanneau/ Prestige P1320
Quest Fay's Marina P1050
Ranger Tugs Fluid Motion P1552
Regal Boats Regal Marine P1330
Regulator Regulator Marine P1605
Rinker Rinker P1420
RIVA Cruiser Everglades Boats P1600
Robalo Pier 33 Marina P1656
Sanpan Godfrey Marine P1400
Scarab Scarab Jet P1272
Scout Scout Boats P1276, P1278
Sea Ray Sea Ray Group P1160, P1166
Sea-Doo BRP P1000
Siesta Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales P1610
Skeeter Skeeter Boats Inc. P1585
Smoker Smoker-Craft, Inc. P1375, P1470, P1730
South Bay Forest River Marine P1020
Starcraft Boats Starcraft Boats P1365, P1560
Stingray Stingray Boats P1245
Sun Chaser SunChaser P1630
Sun Tracker Tracker Marine, LLC P1440
Supra Skiers Choice P1525
Sweetwater Pontoons Godfrey Marine P1400
Swift Trawlers Beneteau P1348
Sylvan Smoker Craft, Inc. P1470
Tahoe Tracker Marine, LLC P1440
Targa Springbrook Marina P1325
Thunder Jet Thunder Jet P1342
Thunderbird Thunderbird/Formula P1500
Tiara Tiara Yachts P1070
Tige Tige Boats, Inc. P1280, P1380
Tracker Tracker Marine, LLC P1440
Trifecta Forest River Marine P1020
Trophy Bayliner Marine Corp. U.S. Marine P1378
Varatti Varatti Boats P1034
Walker Bay Walker Bay Boats LLC S1040
Weldcraft Renaissance Marine P1553
Wenonah Offshore Marine P1850
Williams Jet Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales P1610
X-Yachts Manitowoc Marina P1842
Yamaha Jet Boat Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A. Water Craft P1010, P1654
Yamaha Personal Watercraft B&E Marine P1654
Yamaha Personal Watercraft Coloma Watersports S1200
Yamaha Personal Watercraft Fay's Marina P1050
Yamaha Personal Watercraft Highland's Yamaha P1570
Yamaha Personal Watercraft Nielsen Enterprises, Inc. P1010
ZAR Chicago Yacht Works P1425
Zodiac Offshore Marine P1850
Zodiac Z Marine P1550

2019 Sailboats by Brand

Brand Exhibitor Name Booth/Space Number  
Audi Melges Melges Performance Sailboats P1825  
Beneteau Beneteau S630  
Catalina Catalina Yachts S915
Figaro Beneteau USA, Inc. S630  
First Beneteau USA, Inc. S630  
Gemini Legacy Great Lakes Sailing Co. S115  
Hobie Hobie Cat Co P1870
Island Packet Island Packet S430  
Jeanneau Jeanneau S214  
Melges Melges Performance Sailboats P1825  
Oceanis Beneteau USA, Inc. S630  
RS Sailboats  Central Coast Sailing S350  
Seaward Island Packet S430  
Sense Beneteau USA, Inc. S630  
Sun Fast Jeanneau America S214  
Sun Odyssey Jeanneau America S214  
Swift Trawler Beneteau USA, Inc. S630  
Topaz East Coast Sailboats P600  
Topper East Coast Sailboats P600  
Walker Bay Walker Bay Boats, LLC S1001

2019 RVs by Brand

Brand Exhibitor Name Booth/Space Number  
Aerolite Krenek RV RV1801  
Aliner Vacationland RV RV2300  
Allegro Pontiac RV RV2150  
Alpine Pontiac RV RV2150  
Avalanche Pontiac RV RV2150  
Bullet Pontiac RV RV2150  
Catalina Pontiac RV RV2150  
Cedar Creek Timber View RV RV2100  
Chevy Conversion Vans Explorer Van RV2200  
Coachmen Pontiac RV RV2150  
Cougar Pontiac RV RV2150  
Crossroads Pontiac RV RV2150  
Cyclone KreneK RV RV1801  
Forest River Pontiac RV RV2150  
Freedom Pontiac RV RV2150  
Georgetown Pontiac RV RV2150  
Hideout Timber View RV RV2100  
Hornet Hideout Timber View RV RV2100  
Jayco Rick's RV Center RV1701  
Keystone Pontiac RV RV2150  
Kodiak Timber View RV RV2100  
Krop7 Timber View RV RV2100  
KZ Vacationland RV RV2300  
Leisure Travel Holland Motorhomes RV1800  
Little Guy Vacationland RV RV2300  
Mercedes Conversion Vans Explorer Van RV2200  
Outback Timber View RV RV2100  
Palomino Vacationland RV RV2300  
Passport Pontiac RV RV2150  
Phaeton Pontiac RV RV2150  
Puma Timber View RV RV2100  
Renegade Holland Motorhomes RV1800  
Retreat Timber View RV RV2100  
Shelby Tuscany RV2400   
Sonic Timber View RV RV2100  
Starcraft Rick's RV Center RV1701  
Stealth Krenek RV RV1801  
Summerland Pontiac RV RV2150  
Sunseeker Pontiac RV RV2150  
Surveyor Timber View RV RV2100  
Tiffin Pontiac RV RV2150  
Tuscany Tuscany RV2400   
Viking Pontiac RV RV2150  
Zinger Z1 Pontiac RV RV2150  

NMMA Certified Boats & Yachts undergo an extensive application and inspection process to ensure they meet all applicable US Coast Guard Regulations and the much more stringent and comprehensive safety and construction standards of the American Boat & Yacht Council. Learn more